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Bankstown Underpass

The replacement rail bridge and its approaches are located in an important part of the Bankstown CBD. Developing an appropriate response with respect to urban design was therefore important to the overall streetscape and visual experience by those who visit the business district. The design response also takes into consideration, other critical objectives with regard to cost, buildability, durability and functionality.

The design development process included a number of options for various elements of the bridge, height beams and public art elements. The urban design response achieves:

  • A bridge, which provides a simple bold entry statement, integrated into the design of the adjacent structures through choice of materials, colour and detailing.

  • Integrates the design and detail of the bridge with new height clearance beams and a public art element with robust materials and colours to create a simple dynamic urban design statement at the entry from South Terrace.

  • Height clearance beams integrated into the overall urban design theme to complement the bridge by the use of materials and detailing.

Urban Design documentation of the new rail over bridge at Bankstown for Arenco on behalf of Bankstown City Council. 

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