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Barrington Bridge Replacement

Barrington Bridge was built in 1920 and is an Allan truss bridge. The bridge is located on Thunderbolts Way, which is an important freight link between the Mid North Coast and the New England Tablelands serving the tourism, livestock and timber industries. Due to the emerging load requirements of this route, the bridge has been identified for replacement.


Urban design strategy, Landscape character and visual impact assessment, landscape concept and detailed design for the new bridge and realigned approaches. 

The intent of the concept is to allow the new bridge and its approaches to visually fit within the existing landscape character and minimise the visual impacts. The concept incorporates planting species from the River Flat Eucalyptus Forest community that presently line the banks of the Barrington River. Informal tree planting of Flooded Gum (Eucalyptus grandis) is proposed to help identify the approaches to the bridge. The design also considers the agricultural land uses that adjoin the approaches. 

Design concepts for the bridge parapets and headstocks with stylised patterning based on the existing bridge trusses and river ripple patterns, and a proposal for a park incorporating interpretive seating and signage based on the extant bridge timber and road signs.

PAADesign also prepared a landscape character and visual impact assessment. Click here for more information.

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