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Blue Mountains Artist Retreat

The residence was conceived to calibrate two distinct functions of the owner's professional and artist lives. One to capture the gorgeous views of the valley for the artist to sketch and paint and the other, the prominent use of steel throughout the building to showcase the professional skills of the owner. 

The location is quite isolated with varying climatic elements to consider. The area is subject to very cold winters with the potential for snow and frost and very hot summers. The design addresses these elements and incorporates specialist building techniques such as a triple sealed passivhaus glazing system to reduce drafts and improve the building energy efficiency.

The ceiling is heightened on the northern facade to allow solar access and light particularly during Winter. Windows are placed to allow the northern sun into the building and also allow views to the Fish River and the valley, located to the south. Ancillary facilities such as the garage and sheds are placed to the west to protect the home from the westerly winds.

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