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Bulga Landscape

Detailed Master Plan

Design development of the recreation grounds, Stock Reserve and wetlands and the community hall at Bulga in the Hunter Valley developed from the ideas of the previously prepared Singleton Villages master plan by PAADesign and additional community consultation. Designs incorporate:

  • Gateway signage treatments, feature tree planting and rainwater gardens, incorporation of the information boards and tourist signage to assist in wayfinding and improve the streetscape.

  • Development of a children's playground at the community hall with improved accessibility and parking. 

  • Recreation ground with improvements to existing parking facilities, new playground equipment and shading, new fitness trail, picnic shelters with seating and bar-be-ques.

  • Proposals for the Bulga Stock Reserve and wetlands, which is an under utilised asset, including improvements to the Scout Hall building to allow tourist functions and onsite parking, new wetland boardwalks and interpretive signage, provision of a viewing platform and tables and seating at Wollombi Brook.

  • Pedestrian/cycle connections are proposed throughout the village to connect the recreation grounds, community hall, the stock reserve and Wollombi Brook.

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