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Central Coast Highway Upgrade

Urban design strategy for a proposed dual carriageway with a central median and intersection controls on the Central Coast Highway between Wyong Road and The Entrance Bridge. The intent of the strategy is to guide the stakeholders and community on the project's intended urban design framework. This section of the Central Coast Highway is located within an urban coastal environment. Existing land uses and future changes with ongoing development will influence the built form, architecture and landscape and will have a significant impact on the urban design framework.

A contextual analysis provides an overview of the regional, local and historical context of the Central Coast Highway and an outline of the planning framework. The existing urban and landscape characteristics and major destinations are defined and significant viewscapes determined for the corridor. This assists in the review and analysis of the corridor proposal and its functional relationship with the surrounding existing and future land uses.


The accessibility analysis delivers a safe and accessible corridor with good connectivity for the community and visitors and ensure the viability of the employment lands.


The urban design framework develops a sense of place through the landscape and urban design themes by defining the locality and reinforcing the landscape character and desired future character.

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