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Concept Urban Design + Public Domain Strategy

Campbelltown City Council aspires for Ingleburn to grow as a vibrant, attractive and productive suburb with a flourishing centre. In support of this aspiration, Council is progressing a planning proposal to increase building heights, FSRs and residential densities in the CBD of Ingleburn. 


The Concept Urban Design and Public Domain Strategy assists Council in achieving design excellence in future buildings and the public domain in Ingleburn. It has been prepared to assist in the preparation of development control plan provisions and to provide a basis for any required departures from the NSW Government’s Ingleburn Precinct Plan. 


The vision for the Ingleburn town centre is to retain its village atmosphere and provide a vibrant attractive destination for business, leisure and social engagement. The town is easily accessible and safe with high pedestrian connectivity throughout from the railway station to the arts and community precinct, the shopping and service areas and car parking to the open space and adjoining residential precincts. 


Open space and green links throughout the town provides recreational opportunities for its residents, workers and visitors. The green links bring nature back to the town based on the theme of where two rivers meet connecting Ingleburn town centre with the surrounding open space areas. The green links meet up in the town centre with the town parks providing opportunities for cycling, running, walking, sitting and play. The town parks provide a range of high quality activities for young and old. 


The Concept urban design and public domain strategy provides possible outcomes for the Ingleburn town centre including its built form and public domain including the streetscape, open space, public art and gateway treatments. Concepts were prepared for the various precincts to stimulate activity and sense of vitality and to improve sustainability in response to liveability and climate change by increasing tree canopy and incorporating green and blue infrastructure. Concepts were developed for the gateways to the town centre, the streets and laneways and the proposed parks and plazas. Permeability and connectivity were key in developing the strategy. 

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