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Gloucester Town Centre Study

The town centre study shows how Gloucester can plan and develop for change within the commercial core and adjoining areas to meet future requirements from the local economic growth based primarily on significant investment in mining and associated service activities, and an increasing focus for visitation by tourists and travellers.


Extensive public consultation was undertaken including a public workshop with over 80 community members. The community was consulted in small groups to obtain feedback on how the town should be improved particularly in regards to town planning and public domain improvements. The feedback from the workshops was incorporated into the urban design strategy and a number of concepts were proposed throughout the centre. Further community consultation was then undertaken to outline the proposed concepts with feedback incorporated into the urban design strategy. Another community workshop was held to develop these ideas further. 


The study and subsequent development controls assist in documenting the community aspirations for growth and change of the town centre and provide tools for Council to achieve that plan in partnership with the community. The strategy identifies the town centre core and proposes initiatives to increase the viability through improvements to the public domain, the streetscape, gateway treatments, car parking and amenity, as well as reviewing heights, FSRs, land uses and parking.


A draft DCP for the town centre was prepared to enable Gloucester Council to implement the recommendations from the urban design study.

A project list developed with the community identifies immediate and future works to be undertaken and project priorities.

PAADesign also prepared a draft Development Control Plan. For more information click here.

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