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Manns Road

West Gosford to Narara

The project is Stage 5 of a multi-staged regional road upgrade project connecting the Central Coast Highway to the industrial area of West Gosford, and to the residential areas and the Pacific Highway further north at Narara. Urban design strategy including a Landscape character and visual impact assessment and a Liveable communities assessment for the widening and upgrade of Manns Road from West Gosford to Narara corridor. 

The urban design strategy sensitively responds to the adjacent environment that includes a large industrial area, residential areas including schools and open space, adjacent bushland, riparian zones and the Narara Creek and its tributaries. 

Urban design proposals sought to address functional road requirements such as property access and utility setbacks as well as integrate the key visual qualities including views of the surrounding forested areas, the distant hill views and the creek. The design includes roadside treatments, a new creek crossing, retaining walls and truck turnaround islands. 

Plant typologies based on the local plant communities of Open Woodland and Swamp Forest were developed in response to the surrounding bush and river landscape. Landscape proposals also include turf and street tree planting and mass planting with native shrubs and grasses in the urban areas.

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