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Maritime Workers Cottage

33 Windmill Street

Number 33 is part of a row of 32 State listed heritage terrace houses built in 1907-1908 in the Arts and Crafts style in Millers Point. The row is composed of two groups of 16 terraces with Number 33 being the end house at the western end of the eastern group of terraces, and is adjacent to the central dividing pathway, which separates the two groups of terraces.

Refurbishment of the terrace including minor external components, a new first floor and ground floor bathroom, kitchen refurbishment and rearrangement of spaces, doors and windows within the single storey rear wing. Works promote the protection of the heritage significance and to create contemporary internal spaces and amenities and improve light and natural ventilation.   


The project was undertaken from concept design through to obtaining development approval and Heritage Council approval to construction certificate including the preparation of the architectural design, statement of environmental effects, heritage impact statement, construction certificate documentation and the archival photographic record.

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