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Master Planning of Communities for Greater Sydney


Master plans developed for new residential communities providing over 1670 lots in the Western Sydney region for Landcom including:

  • Springfarm consisting of 930 lots with the majority for detached stand alone dwellings on lots ranging in sizes from 300m2 to over 600m2.

  • Edmondson Park consisting of 258 detached and zero lot line dwelling lots ranging in size from 220m2 to 550m2 and one medium density superlot.

  • Renwick consisting of 330 lots with a mix of attached, zero lot line, detached lots and large lots ranging in size from 300m2 up to over 4000m2.

  • Macarthur Heights consisting of 152 detached and zero lot line dwelling lots ranging in size from 375m2 to over 600m2.


Master planning of the sites addresses the opportunities and constraints regarding topography, orientation, bushfire zones, ecology, flood liability and location. The impacts of other land uses were addressed where they adjoin or form part of the site, including linkages, community facilities, commercial uses, schools, parks, riparian zones, utilities and ecologically sensitive areas.


The master planning for Edmondson Park also includes the development of building envelope plans and public domain guidelines. 

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