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Newell Highway Realignment Grong Grong

A new 2.4 kilometre highway realignment of the Newell Highway at Grong Grong in south western NSW to replace an existing in-town, 90 degree turn. 

Urban design strategy including the Landscape character and visual impact assessment and landscape concept design for the realignment of the highway. Key considerations include the highway bypassing the town and that the new alignment sits well within its rural setting. A signage strategy and a heritage walk formed part of the urban design strategy to assist in wayfinding and visitation to Grong Grong. 


The landscape design incorporates avenue planting of native trees at the access roads to assist in wayfinding to the Village centre and continuous copses of Grey Box Woodland in informal patterns that frame both sides of the highway, enhancing the local ecosystem and providing ecological connectivity to the north and south. The landscape strategy includes high-density planting of the endangered Grey Box Woodland ecological community to increase canopy cover and address natural attrition rates during establishment helping to ensure the future viability of the community. 


Prior to detailed design for the project, a workshop was held with Roads and Maritime Services to outline the project and determine best practices for the landscape works. 


Detailed design and construction documentation for the landscape design. 

Implementation and maintenance reviews carried out through the construction and maintenance periods and on completion of the maintenance period.

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