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Rural Residence +
Guest Accommodation
Somersby Plateau

A new rural dwelling to be the main residence of the property, horse paddocks and a refurbished 100 year old cottage that will cater for extended family at Somersby on the NSW Central Coast. The residence occupies a key position in its rural setting allowing views over the property including the main entrance gate, the horse paddocks and the rural landscape.

The main residence comprises of a number of pavilions and linked internally. The two outer pavilions provide sleeping and bathroom facilities and the two inner pavilions provide the living, kitchen and dining and are linked by a central courtyard. The main living areas are located on the northern side with taller ceilings and larger windows maximising solar access and capturing views. Windows and doors face north and south providing cross ventilation. Four large water tanks assist in water storage.

A 100 year cottage in a derelict state was refurbished for additional accommodation and hence saving materials from going to landfill. The architectural treatment of the cottage is complementary to the new residence.

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