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Seniors Living Tea Gardens NSW


Shoreline Villas on the mid North Coast of NSW, provides for diversity in residential accommodation through the delivery of ten (10) one and two storey adaptable dwellings and associated landscape in close proximity to services. 

The form of the development results from the need to incorporate water sensitive urban design, accommodate easements for services, design for disabled access and at the same time provide an attractive architectural design, coastal theme and integrated approach to the landscape appropriate to the targeted user groups. Dwellings are designed to be adaptable. The two storey buildings incorporate a bedroom on the ground floor, which can be adapted. This allows for people to age in place.


Dwellings are designed to face onto the main street frontage by incorporating individual entries to each dwelling and living spaces addressing the street, which assists in providing surveillance to the public street network. All dwellings and garages are accessed from the internal road. 

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