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Singleton Villages

Master Plans

Master plans for the villages of Broke / Fordwich, Bulga, Milbrodale and Jerrys Plains in the Hunter Valley to contribute to a more vibrant and revitalised village where people enjoy living and visiting.


Community information sessions were held with community members from each of the villages to discuss project details and identify priorities.


District opportunities are identified linking all of the villages including walking/cycling/horse treks, heritage trails, wayfinding strategies and mine rehabilitation incorporating open space and recreational pursuits. 


The master plans for each village builds upon the existing character and propose design concepts to improve the physical environment focusing on key elements of the public domain to add vibrancy that also offers a sense of community and belonging as follows: 


Broke / Fordwich 
The master plan develops concepts for the vast amount of undeveloped open space areas for play, meetings and festivals, creates a pedestrian and cyclist friendly environment linking with open space, community facilities and services, gateway treatments to assist in wayfinding, streetscape improvements and access to the Wollombi Brook.


The village master plan addresses improvements to the recreation grounds and community hall and links the facilities to the Stock Reserve and other services. A concept for the Stock Reserve and wetland area incorporates facilities for residents, day visitors and over night camping.


Milbrodale has many significant landmarks. Concepts developed to assist in wayfinding and providing facilities to allow visitors to stay longer.


Jerrys Plains 
The Golden Highway runs through the village and pedestrian safety is an important issue. The master plan develops concepts for the streetscape and connectivity improvements along the highway and for the recreation grounds to cater for festivals, camping and the pony club.

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