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Swimming Pool +

Wellness Centre

@ Parry's Cove


The wellness centre and indoor swimming pool will feature a 25m indoor heated pool, state of the art gymnasium, multipurpose room for guided exercise classes, outdoor landscaped spaces and associated amenities to support the community of Parry's Cove. 


Determination of the location and the design takes into consideration the estate master plan, the climate, accessibility, the proposed uses and future users of the facility. An important consideration is to ensure the location is accessible but also ensure that it is appropriately separated from the future residences through a combination of measures including landscape and open space. 

The design intent of the centre is to provide a range of indoor and outdoor activities that are also visually linked with a range of options for the resident. The outdoor areas provide an opportunity to be active or to relax post workout.

PAADesign also prepared the landscape design for the development. Click here for more information.

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