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The Gallery at Redbank

Redbank is a master planned community overlooking heritage protected parklands. The community is located just two kilometres from the Hawkesbury River and at the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Redbank provides a range of dwellings from traditional family homes and grand homestead lots through to compact housing. 


The Gallery is a simple, elegant redefinition of house design for modern, low maintenance living. The 64 homes at The Gallery were designed to meet the requirements of Redbank to provide compact housing and to add diversity to its many housing types within the Redbank Community. The homes were designed for a range of people from single adults, married couples, young and older families through to retirees, all of which contribute to the community. The Gallery Precinct includes single and two storey patio homes, courtyard homes and terrace homes.


Building designs are based on the selected typologies, and provide an architectural framework consistent with the Redbank vision that reflects and references the heritage values of Richmond’s built form within the context of a contemporary aesthetic.


The design process for each dwelling in The Gallery formed part of the integrated master planning process. The siting and design of each dwelling adopts a holistic design approach and considered:


  • Buildability. 

  • Providing diversity in the streetscape.

  • Maximising solar access and cross ventilation. 

  • Increasing surveillance of the public domain.

  • The relationship between dwellings including over shadowing, overlooking, setbacks, built form and finished levels.

  • The overall streetscape including front setback, height and built form, colours and materials, driveway and garage locations and fence and landscape details.


PAADesign worked with the project builder early in the development application process to ensure buildability and lower costs while not compromising on the design outcomes.This relationship lead to a smooth transition into the documentation for the construction of the dwellings. 

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