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Town Centre Expansion Forster

Development of built form scenarios and urban design analysis for an 8,900m2 key site in the Forster Town Centre in order to amend the Forster LEP including the zone, height and FSR. Two development scenarios are proposed:

  • Scenario 1 - R4 - High Density Residential.

  • Scenario 2 - B4 - Mixed Use.


A building massing model for each scenario addresses the requirements for setbacks, building bulk / floor space ratio, height of building, deep soil requirements, separation of buildings, floor plate limitation, landscape requirements and solar access. The urban design analysis considers the proposals against the existing and future character of the area, with a view analysis and an analysis against the Forster Town Centre DCPs Character statement and objectives, as well as against the Government Architect NSW's 'Evaluating Good Design'.

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