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Warner Industrial Park Design Code

The Design Code provides guidance for the development of the Warner Industrial Park located in northern part of the NSW Central Coast. It provides the mechanism to manage development ensuring the provision of a high quality built and natural environment, within the context of creating new employment opportunities for the Central Coast.

An appropriate mix of uses is important in achieving job forecasts, quality development and economic viability. The design code provides guidelines for the public and private domain, including controls for the siting and design of buildings and further subdivision to meet market demand, together with specific controls in relation to water sensitive urban design and includes a visual and landscape management strategy.

The goals of the design code are to:

  • Promote the orderly use of land as a regionally significant site for employment generation.

  • Reduce the impact of development on natural ecosystems including downstream waterways.

  • Encourage energy efficient design and principles of ecologically sustainable development.

  • Encourage quality urban design and public domain appropriate to a contemporary industrial park.

  • Manage the traffic and parking within the park and the adjoining road network.

PAADesign also prepared development application documentation. Click here for further information.

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