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Warnervale Town Centre

Various approvals sought for development and infrastructure within the Warnervale Town Centre for Landcom, Roads and Maritime Services and Council.

Review of environmental factors and Supplementary review of environmental factors including the urban design strategy and visual impact for the Sparks Road upgrade and the intersection of the main access road to the Warnervale Town Centre. Detailed urban and landscape design carried out for the construction.

Planning advice in relation to the assessment and approval processes for the main road providing access to the new Warnervale Town Centre and its extension. The Review of environmental factors for both the main road and the northern extension addressing the bus terminal, future railway station and access to the town centre core including negotiations with Council and State agencies.

Review and responding to the Warnervale Town Centre Development Control Plan to ensure economic viability. This includes changes to zones, land uses and flexibility to allow an appropriate mix of uses and architectural form. 

Development approval also sought for the residential subdivision of land at the entry to the Warnervale Town Centre for Landcom. 

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