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Woodbury Park Estate

Overall master planning, rezoning and development of some 800 home sites, community facilities and open space in the Mardi release area. Housing includes four separate community title developments comprising traditional detached housing and a mix of medium density terraces, small lot integrated housing orientated around areas of high amenity such as small parks, community meeting rooms and swimming pools. The development also incorporates additional public open space, playgrounds and created wetlands.


The total four stages involves the establishment of over 1 million trees, restoration of a disused quarry, and the creation of approximately 50 hectares of wetland and environmental corridors. The project results in the creation a major environmental corridor linking Wyong River to Tuggerah Lakes, and includes the protection and enhancement of remnant areas of the endangered species Melaleuca biconvexa.


The project results in the creation of a thriving mixed use precinct on the NSW Central Coast, with access to transport infrastructure such as the M1 Motorway, railway station, bus interchange, a range of social services, a major employment hub, a regional shopping centre and a major business park.

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