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Barrington Bridge Replacement

Built in 1920, Barrington Bridge is an Allan truss bridge located on Thunderbolts Way, Gloucester. It is an important freight link between the Mid North Coast and the New England Tablelands serving tourism, livestock and timber industries. The existing bridge crosses the Barrington River, which is a major tributary of the Manning River.


Transport for New South Wales proposes a new concrete super-T girder bridge along a new road alignment including approaches over the Barrington River to replace the existing heritage timber bridge as part of its heritage bridge replacement and upgrade program. 


The visual setting of the existing Barrington Bridge and its approaches is characterised by the adjoining agricultural fields and beyond, the Barrington River and its steep embankments, and the height of the bridge. This visual setting was a key consideration in determining the visual impacts and identifying mitigation measures to minimise these impacts as part of the Landscape character and visual impact assessment. 

PAADesign also prepared the Urban design strategy and detailed design documentation for the new Barrington Bridge. Click here for further information. 

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