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The Gallery at Redbank Design Kit

Richmond’s building typology is generally of a traditional built form, which ranges from the 1800s into the early 1900s. The goal for the Gallery at Redbank is to reflect the historical dwelling typologies of Richmond but interpreted in a contemporary style. Dwelling types and elements are designed to form a simple elegant interpretation of the traditional forms associated with the Richmond area. The development is not proposed to be a heritage revival style or inner city urban chic. 


Homes at the Gallery will stem from the same architectural language and type to create a sense of place and belonging. House types feature various architectural elements to help promote diversity and uniqueness. A mix of contemporary and modern living products sensitive to its rural setting to create a rich relationship between the architecture and the landscape. A contemporary rural aesthetic is developed to inform the housing designs. 


The Gallery Design Kit of Parts provides guidance to builders undertaking projects in this precinct to ensure the vision for the Gallery is achieved. 


PAADesign also designed the dwellings and prepared the

planning documentation for The Gallery.

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