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Lake Glenbawn 

Lake Glenbawn Park is a significant visitor and recreational destination situated in the Hunter Valley approximately 15km east of Scone in the Upper Hunter. 

The Master plan includes the western and eastern precincts with proposals for new and upgraded gateway treatments, a new park office/cafe and a museum, accommodation, amenities and community facilities, activity hub and playground, lake activities, wedding precinct, walking, mountain bike and sculpture trails, new roads and parking to improve the overall facilities in the park. 

Location of the new facilities considers the topography and layout of the park to allow new buildings to be set into the landscape and to capture and realise the magnificent views of Lake Glenbawn.

Regeneration of the land to restore poor quality landscapes and improve areas for visual amenity and encourage wild life back to the area. Rehabilitation and enhancement of the creek line to improve bird life and provide interest along the walking trails.

PAADesign also undertook landscape concept design development for the the Junior Play Space and also the Teens+ Area in the recreation hub.

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