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Lake Glenbawn Teens+ Area

Lake Glenbawn Park is a significant visitor and recreational destination situated in the Hunter Valley approximately 15km east of Scone in the Upper Hunter. Its key attribute is the Lake providing recreational activities such as swimming, skiing and fishing. The goal is to enhance Lake Glenbawn Park with a recreational “hub” to offer exciting challenges and play time for the young to the old.

Creation of the regional destination recreation “hub” is inspired by the existing land forms, previous land users and uses. Themes include indigenous, traditional play (Yulunga), rural country life, local nature, Glenbawn Dam history and the importance of water.

The teens+ zone provides separate activities for the older age groups from 12 to 24 years incorporating play activities and also challenges that could be undertaken as a group or individually. Facilities incorporate an event space, amphitheatre, "chill out" areas with hammocks in the trees, kickabout area, BMX track and an adventure and discovery trail.

The adventure and discovery trail provides a series of challenges that can be undertaken individually as a timed trail, a group event or each challenge undertaken by itself. Some of the challenges are based on the indigenous games played including skipping, tree climbing and stepping, jumping and running over rocks.  Equipment will be constructed from natural materials and sourced locally.

PAADesign were also responsible for the Junior Play Space and the overall master planning for Lake Glenbawn.

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