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Lake Glenbawn Junior Play Space

Lake Glenbawn Park is a significant visitor and recreational destination situated in the Hunter Valley approximately 15km east of Scone in the Upper Hunter. Its key attribute is the Lake providing recreational activities such as swimming, skiing and fishing. The goal is to enhance Lake Glenbawn Park with a recreational “hub” to offer exciting challenges and play time for the young to the old.

Creation of the regional destination recreation “hub” is inspired by the existing land forms, previous land users and uses. Themes include indigenous, traditional play (Yulunga), rural country life, local nature, Glenbawn Dam history and the importance of water.


The junior play space incorporates terraced playgrounds with an imaginary dam wall to encourage imaginative and learning play for all junior ages and abilities providing opportunities for sliding, climbing, jumping, splashing, swinging, fishing and skiing. The playgrounds are in close proximity to the proposed kiosk/function centre allowing interaction between parents and children.


A "back to nature" theme incorporates equipment that sits within the rural open setting, maintains views to the lake, reuses and adapts onsite materials including farming and transport equipment from the previous uses of the site, and blends footpaths within the environment whilst ensuring accessibility. Sensory gardens and herb/farm gardens are incorporated as part of the visitor experience for play and for use by the kiosk.

PAADesign were also responsible for the Teens+ Area and the overall master planning for Lake Glenbawn.

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